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Box No.18

Terike Haapoja /Finland/
installation for a number of trees and a video

Terike Haapoja´s installation, resembling a small garden, consists of two installation works and a video. The installation, Dialogue, enables an audible dialogue between breathing and the plants´ photosythesis process. The video, Succession, shows a recording of the growth of bacteria on a canvas that was pressed on the artists´ face. The installation, Community, consists of a video projection and sound. The video shows the cooling down of an animal´s body after its death, recorded by a heat sensitive infrared camera. Having a background in both theatre and visual arts, and now working as a visual artist in the intersection of art and science, Terike Haapoja talks about durationality, liveness and encountering otherness from the point of view of human – non-human relations.  How do emerging fields of art such as bioart or interactive media art challenge our understanding of liveness, interactivity or communication?  How do new scientific discoveries change our understanding of what is a dialogue, an individual, or a community? Using her exhibition – and stage projects as examples Haapoja discusses the possibilities of new technology to create theatrical spaces of interspecies collaboration and interaction.

Bio: Terike Haapoja is a visual artist, working and living in Helsinki, Finland. Her work consists of videos, installations, and performance projects, characterized by the innovative use of new media and new technlogy. Haapoja’s work deals with human - non-human relations and the clash of subjective experience of the world with objective knowledge of it. She has had several solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad (Including the UM festival, Lisbon; the Prague Biennale; L’Art en Europe, Reims; the Insitute Finlandais, Paris; the Gallery Rekord, Oslo; the Rauma Art Museum, Finland; the Pori Art Museum, Finland; the Helsinki Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma; the Oulu Art Museum).  She also works as a director and visual designer in contemporary performance projects (including Kiasma-theatre 2005, 2006, 2007, dance-theatre Zodiac, Helsinki, 2005, and the Alexander Theatre, Helsinki, 2009). Haapoja’s exhibition projects are usually highly spatial, using tools adopted from the theatre for creating immersive installation experiences. The exhibitions are built around thematic framing and often include collaboration with professionals from other fields of studies. The work is not bound to any specific medium; video, experimental camera devices, scientific technologies, light, sound, and organic materials function as viewpoints to different questions. Terike Haapoja is represented by Gallery Kalhama&Piippo Contemporary, Helsinki.



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