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Box No. 28

Paul Divjak /Austria/
interactive, performative installation

Paul´s Boutique is a small rental shop, where people are able to borrow clothes for free in order to participate at the PQ Intersection as whole new characters. People have the unique option to choose who they always wanted to be. (Or they could just get rid of what they actually became.)

Paul´s Boutique deals with different styles and dress codes, it offers different archetypes of everyday clothing and addresses visitors as performers. Want to look like a business man? Like a hip-hop fan? Like the postman, or a soldier? The venue enables visitors to slip into different roles and postures and to create new narratives at the intersection of art and everyday life, of space, meaning, and desire.

We are looking forward to meeting you at Paul´s Boutique. If you´ve any questions feel free to ask Paul. He will provide useful advice and kindly help you further.

Bio: Paul Divjak is a writer, conceptual artist, electronic musician, and cultural theorist currently living in Vienna. He studied film, drama, media, and scenography in Vienna and Zurich. His artwork has recently appeared at Kunsthalle Wien, Zacheta Gallery, Warschau, Museum der Moderne, Salzburg. His films have been screened at Filmfestival Rotterdam, Helsinki Media Art Festival, Deutsches Filmmuseum Hamburg, and Wiener Festwochen. His written word has been published in magazines & newspapers such as werk, bauen + wohnen, Hochparterre , and Der Standard.

Latest publications: Money (CD, 2009), In der grauen Lagune (prose, 2010)

Special thanks: MB Future, Messenger, Pražský komorní balet, Pražské služby a.s., Tomáš Křička

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