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mareunrol´s /Latvia/
fashion puppets 

For maurenrol´s as fashion designers it’s not sufficient to just design garments, but also to focus on everything that may surround it − environment, scenography, lighting design, sound effects, and music. All of those elements can help in telling the story. In this work they’re interested in miniature and instead of using real models, they are using puppets. The final narrative will be composed in a balanced way so that emotions, story line, and visual material will all perform the same story. The story tells moments in the character’s life that are lost in-between reality and surrealism.

The inspiration for the installation came from artists’ constant moving from one apartment to another, from one set of neighbors to others, from one room to the next, and moving to a new environment always makes you get used to new mystical noises, strange objects, loud or too quiet neighbors, and other peculiarities connected with the apartment. With time you get used to all that. However, that all provoked thinking of how space influences those living in it and vice versa, and whether all these things in one way or another influence people and whether one imperceptibly starts to change, and whether this oddity is just in one’s mind, not reality. This is how the idea emerged for the installation with people/tenants who dwell in their apartments and become one with it. All their belongings are like a huge enormous shell/attire which tells all their pecularities, interests, specific hobbies, and many other things. 

Latvian fashion designers mareunrol’s created a multiple stage for puppets built into one wall as a series of pictures on a wall.  The installation/performance is looped without beginning or end and creates  a series of atmospheres of the characters of the play inspired by tenants who are bored and are casually spending their time in their apartments, and due to amount of time spent in them, are beginning to notice different oddities, room distortion, annoying sounds, and other peculiarities. For this work mareunrol’s collaborated with sound artist Kaspars Grosevs and lighting artist Krisjsnis Strazditis.

Bio: Duo mareunrol´s is a fashion brand led by two equally contributing fashion designers Marite Mastina and Rolands Peterkops. It was established in 2002, in Riga, Latvia and since then has released collections of conceptual fashion. The designs are a combination of surrealism, innovation, and archetypes of fashion.  It is very important that each detail has a purpose and meaning and that mareunrol’s clothes are art works that tell their own story and live their own lives. mareunrol’s are winners of the 24th International Festival of Photography and  Fashion, Hyeres 2009. They have taken part in numerous other prestigious fashion and art events: Arnhem Fashion Biennial 2009, BARCELONA 080 (Spain), ITS International Talent Support competition of new fashion designers (Italy), and many other events in France, Italy, Germany, and Russia. In 2006 and 2007, mareunrol´s was awarded as best Latvian fashion designers, receiving the prize of Latvian style and fashion, as well as Latvian Theatre awards Spelmanu nakts (Players’ Night) (2006), best theatre costume designers of 2006, and a nomination for the best debut in theatre. mareunrol’s have created costumes for productions in leading theatres of Latvia, including the Latvian National Opera, and several Latvain movies. mareunrol´s studied in the Riga Design and Art College and then continued their studies at The Latvian Academy of Arts (Fashion Design department) and Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts.


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