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Josef Bolf
Box No. 13

Josef Bolf /Czech Republic/
installation and video

There is an installation that includes many objects such as tables and chairs that look as if they were pulled out of a random Czech Republic culture center’s storage facility at the end of the 1980´s. By entering the room, the visitor views bygone times via a puppet film that takes place in a similar space (the film is a story of misunderstanding of two puppets moving in a conventionalized passage). The future is  represented by the destruction of all of the “stuff” in the room as part of a one-off performance on the closing weekend of Intersection in Prague. The destruction shall be executed personally by the artist and broadcast into the Intersection cinema, showing the live performance and the film - inside and outside - at the same time. The performance, therefore, is a part of the project as a whole.

Bio: Josef Bolf is a Czech painter best known for his dark paintings that represent his strong personal emotions. He was a member of the art group Bezhlavý jezdec (active from 1998-2002), where he worked together with other significant Czech artists including Ján Mančuška, Jan Šerých, and Tomáš Vaněk. His exhibitions include Personal Disposition, You Are Not You, You Are Me, and Great Expectations.


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