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Hooman Sharifi
Box No. 8

Hooman Sharifi /Norway/Iran/
choreography for one dancer in a box

"During the events in Iran in June 2009 we were in Berlin performing at Haus der Kultur der Welt during the In-Transit festival. I was standing during two or three hours thinking of what had happened. I called our performance, Demonstration for Nothing. This situation was, for sure, very complex. You know who is wrong but you don´t know how right the ´other´ side is! Politically it was difficult to choose one side. It was interesting to see how journalists were drawn of Iran and, therefore, how information came to light, and in many different ways, how people started to show what was happening in their country."

"Almost a year later, after the invitation of the Ruban Vert Association based in Paris, we aimed to present on stage how the Iranian people struggled. We performed in a gallery located in a very popular shopping area of Paris, the Rue de Rivoli, where all the shops are glamorously lighted and shoppers are eager to purchase. We performed all day long with images, re-showing what millions of people of Iran showed on the internet through videos. This was the start of a new project the theme of which is revolution and the activities of revolution."

"In Prague, during the Quadriennal, we expand the last part of our most recent piece, Lingering of an Earlier Event. When the spectator enters the room he is confronted with oriental shapes, constantly in developement.
-The dialogue/text is read or said to the audience.
-The closeness of the room is provoking an unclarity of the body.
-The story told is creating an imaginary world for the one who watches.

With Once Upon a Time Country we are seeking to reveal the process of seeing, to stimulate the imagination of the public: What is it to see? How do the eyes connect with the imagination? What do we not see?

Through well-known pictures of Prague, the story of a blind man, hidden bodies that are constantly changing their shapes, and oriental blankets, the audience challenged to take part in Impure Company´s imaginary world."

Hooman Sharifi/Impure Company – Oslo

Choreography: Hooman Sharifi Performers: Rikke Baewert, Loan Ha, Geir Hytten, Martin Lervik, Kristina Soetorp Artistic coordinator: Valerie Lanciaux 
Credit pictures: impure company

Impure Company is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs.

Bio: Born and raised in Iran, Hooman Sharifi is now a Norwegian Citizen. He came to Norway alone in 1989 at the age of 15. His experience in dance started with hip-hop and street-jazz. Later, at the age of 21, Sharifi focused on the technical training of classical ballet and modern dance. In 1997 he was accepted to the course in choreography with the National College of Ballet and Dance in Oslo, from which he graduated in spring 2000. He has always had interest in the “cross-work” of dance and theatre, and after graduating he worked with dramatic as well as visual art. In 2000 he established Impure Company. The statement “art equals politics” where social awareness and commitment defines the word politics, marks the outset for Impure Company and signifies what art is and should be. The Impure Company has presented its perfomances in festivals such as the Steirischer Herbst, Austria, the Nordic Dance Platform, Sweden, and In Transit, Germany, among others.

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