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Box No. 19

Egon Tobiáš /Czech Republic/ 
installation for a performer and audience

"I had an acting dream: The stage was full and I was waiting for my entrance in costume and make-up – but barefoot and not wearing any pants – waiting in the wings for my entrance. And I couldn’t remember my entrance at all. Neither could I remember my lines nor my blocking – nothing. I relied on remembering everything once I got on stage. When it was time for my entrance, I appeared on stage and looked for some kind of clue, some hint... anything that would help me remember what to do. But, nothing. I could tell that my colleagues were beginning to get nervous. I could sense a hundred pairs of eyes gazing at me from the darkness in front of me. The audience was completely silent. And I was, too. I took a breath in order to say something, thinking that if I began it would all start to work on its own... but I had forgotten all of my lines."

Bio: Egon L. Tobiáš has written 29 theatre plays, several of which have been performed at theatres in Prague (Voycef – 1992, The Stranger – 1998, Mal D’or – 2000, Je suis – 2001, It is time for IT all to change – 2002, Solingen – 2004, The Investigation Continues – 2005, and NoD Quixote – 2010), Brno (The Tempest 2 – 2003 and Smokie – 2003), and at the Činoherní Studio in Ústí nad Labem (Jaures – 1998 and Smokie – 2000). Other works have been presented as staged readings (I Promised Freddy – 2002 and 2003, Bel Air – 2002, Tree Lillies – 2003, The Seagull Play – 2005, and Mamedov – 2006) or as “stage jokes" (Godot – 2002, Poets’ Fire – 2003, You Showed Up Late– 2004, That Horse Don’t Lie – 2007, and NEMOhl – 2008). In 1995, Český Spisovatel published his book of plays Woyzef, and in 2005 Torst published his book The Number You Have Dialled Does Not Exist. His unpublished collection of poems, Pneumotorax 21, formed the basis for the 1991 television series How Sweet is Your Babbling, You Can’t Even Hear It... His writings have appeared in the following magazines: Svět a divadlo, Park, Labyrint[EW1] , Divadelní noviny, Literární noviny, Tvar, and Salon Práva. He has also worked as a scenographer with Opera Mozart, Dejvické Divadlo, and Divadlo Na Zábradlí, and has done graphic design for the following publishers: Petrov, Argo, Pražská scéna, Arts and Theatre Institute, Torst, and Plot. He lives in Prague.


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