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Box No. 29

Dejan Kaludjerović /Serbia/Austria/
a game

Initially conceived as a large-scale installation in 2004, Europoly – inspired by the well-known game, Monopoly, is a project concerning immigration within European Union. Through a playful approach, the intention of the artist is to reveal different aspects of the European Union; from the enlargement of borders, to the opening up or closing down of prospects for both old and new citizens of the EU. The point of the game shifts among politics, economics, and human dimension, highlighting the delicate balance of choices, risks, and decisions in the lives of immigrants. The winner of the game receives a Europoly passport. A player can obtain this by satisfying all the real bureaucratic requirements needed for obtaining citizenship in any country of the European Union, such as possessing a regular working permit, a permanent address certificate, a language certificate, etc. Walking on the thin border between an artistic project and a social critic, Europoly, far from providing any definitive answer, moves among the everyday contradictions of “European” life. One’s public identity is often defined by profession, and for immigrants work becomes a label as much as a possibility. This kind of identity may represent a starting point to move from, or an important card to be played. All the characters featured in Europoly are based on real immigrants and their professions.

Bio: Dejan Kaludjerović graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2001. He also studied at the School of Visual Art, New York from 1993–94, and at the Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna from 2003–2004. Beside numerous solo exhibitions (e.g. in Belgrade, Ljubljana, Vienna, New York, Berlin, Milan, Weimar, Istanbul, and Venice), Dejan Kaludjerović participated in many international group exhibitions (e.g. the 2011 Prague Quadrennial; the 2nd Urban Biennial Bordeaux; the Tokyo Wonder Site; the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade; Manifesta 4 (archive project) Frankfurt; the 1st and 4th Beijing Biennale; the 43rd, 44th, 45th, and 46th Oktober Salon Belgrade; the Museum of Modern Art St. Étienne; the Kunstpavillon Innsbruck; Viennabiennale; the 28th International Biennial of Graphic Arts Ljubljana). His works can be found in private and public collections in Austria, Germany, Serbia, Slovenia, Great Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, USA, etc. Dejan was awarded honourable Austrian citizenship in 2010. He is living and working in Vienna.


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