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Dace Džeriņa
Box No. 27

Dace Džeriņa /Latvia/
immersive performance

Make yourself a festival!
Enjoy it alone or with friends!
Dance Teacher is waiting for you!
It will train and entertain everybody who wants to dance.
Come and follow it!
Object – a dance floor with the marks of the basic steps for tango.
It serves as a guide and encouragement to start dancing.
The action of the object is organized as a festival with music and dance demonstrations.

Dace Džeriņa is a visual artist and set designer, who has been showing her work since 1998.  She attended the Art Academy of Latvia, and is a graduate of the Department of Visual Communication. Since 1998, the artist has mounted five solo shows and participated in group exhibitions in Latvia, Italy, Lithuania, Holland, Germany, and elsewhere.  Her most important shows were Time will show (2008), Flensburg, Germany; 2 SHOW (2003), CAC Vilnius, Lithuania; Contemporary Utopia (2001), The Loop (2000), both presented in the exhibition space Arsenāls of the Latvian National Art Museum, Riga; SCCA– Riga art show Ventspils Tranzit Terminal (1999), Ventspils, Latvia. Džeriņa has created set designs since 2000, creating productions in many Latvian theatres (Raggedy Ann, The Blue Bird, Hotel Kristina, Top Girls, Molly Sweeney, Possible Worlds) as well as for independent and site-specific productions (Waiting for Godot, Mrs. Benjamiņa, Tips for Modern Living).

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