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Brett Bailey
Box No. 6

Brett Bailey /South Africa/
maze in a maze 

The English word ‘sanctuary’ has various meanings: it refers to the holy area around the altar in a Christian church, and it also indicates a place of safety. The piece Brett Bailey created for the Intersection project references both these meanings. The work takes the form of a labyrinth: the convoluted path that leads to a secret concealed at the centre, whether the Holy Grail, or the devouring Minotaur…Intrepid visitors are requested to leave their shoes at the door, and to enter the sanctuary alone.

Bio: Brett Bailey is a playwright, designer, play director, festival curator, and the artistic director of Third World Bunfight. He has worked throughout South Africa, in Zimbabwe, Uganda, Haiti, the UK, and Europe. His acclaimed iconoclastic dramas, which interrogate the dynamics of the post-colonial world, include Big Dada, Ipi Zombi?, iMUMBO JUMBO and Orfeus. His performance installations include Blood Diamonds: Terminal and Exhibit A: Deutsch Sudwestafrika. He directed the opening show at the World Summit on Arts and Culture in Johannesburg (2009), and from 2006-2009 the opening shows at the Harare International Festival of the Arts. He is curator of South Africa’s only public arts festival, Infecting the City, in Cape Town. His works have played across Europe, Australia, and Africa, and have one several awards, including a gold medal for design at the Prague Quadrennial (2007).


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