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Box No. 24

Bohdan Holomíček /Czech Republic/
interactive photo(grapher´s) exhibition

"There exists but a fine line between the real world and the world of theatre. Life itself is an adventurous and fascinating theatre play – and vice versa… Theatre is a remarkable, unbelievably compact living organism. Everybody be it doorman, prompter, or costume designer – has their essential role and function. Together with the actors and directors, all these people live for that one moment when the audience arrives and the drama can begin. These are the moments that attract me to the theatre. Photographs are difficult to describe – they have to be seen. When I project my images, I never know until the last moment what story I am going to tell, which photographs I am going to show. I would like for the audience and the atmosphere of this shared moment to have the main say in the choice of topics..."

Bohdan Holomíček

Photos on request is a non-stop live presentation of the life-long work of one of the Czech Republic’s most important documentary photographers. Bohdan Holomíček will personally present various projects, persons, and moments from his life, including many photographs of renowned Czech theatre performances.

Bio: Bohdan Holomíček is a rare phenomenon on the Czech cultural scene: A photographer of gatherings of friends who captures positive scenes, moments of grace, and flashes of love, all with the magical contribution of light.” This is how art historian Anna Fárová described legendary Czech photographer Bohdan Holomíček. He is neither photojournalist nor documentarian – his photographs are more personal and, taken as a whole, create a kind of monument to the non-everyday moments of everyday life. Holomíček has been working intensively with digital technology since 2004, and has recently become increasingly interested in audiovisual projections. His collaborator on theatre projects is Eva Hrubá.

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