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Anna Viebrock
Box No. 12

Anna Viebrock /Germany/
scenography installation

Anna Viebrock and Till Exit construct a cabinet into a given space. It is a kind of magic cabinet. This „residue of space”, which is defined by the wood panelling of a theatre production in Cologne, displays a number of things/details/remains, which were significant in various productions. That means these things carry the memory of several theatre performances. Anna Viebrock and Till Exit question themselves. What happens if one takes these items out of their original, disparate contexts and if one recomposes them into one single room? Which heterotopy is be created in this way? Anna Viebrock and Till Exit suppose and confirm that some ventilators, wind wheels, lamps, and monitors remember their past in their own way and finally create an entity on their own. There is no need to change it.

Bio: Anna Viebrock works mostly with Christoph Marthaler as a set and costume designer. Her latest works are Riesenbutzbach at the Wiener Festwochen in May 2009 and Papperlapapp at the Festival of Avignon in summer 2010. Since 2002 she has worked also as a director. Her latest productions as a director, author (with Malte Ubenauf) set and costume designer are Der Letzte Riesenalk (2009) and Wozuwozuwozu (2010) at Schauspiel Köln and Die Bügelfalte Des Hmmels Hält Für Immer at Theatre Basel. From 2000 to 2004 she belonged to Marthalers artistic direction in Zürich, where she worked with Meg Stuart on Alibi (2002), Visitors Only (2003), and Das Goldene Zeitalter (2004). An exhibition of her models, called Arbeitsmodelle, has been shown in Rotterdam, Prague, Frankfurt/Main, Madrid, Brussels, Ghent, and recently in Avignon (Miroirs du Reel).


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