• Terni


September 15 – 25, Terni, Italy

Festival es.terni international contemporary perfoming arts festival



A platform more than a festival.
A way through more than a window.
A kitchen more than a dining room.
10 days of contemporary arts, theatre, dance, public art installations and encounters.

Esterni reaches its 6th edition clarifying its role of process activator, where actions, works of art, debates, finds a workroom more than a protect environment of display. Since its birth in 2006 es.terni has been developing an idea of festival as platform of encounter.

The city of Terni, where the festival takes place, affirms its position in the international dimension, being at the same time laboratory and open piazza for experimentation, meeting and exchange. A city with a high level of hospitality put in the middle of a network of infrastructures linking it from the centre of the Mediterranean directly to the deepest north of Europe.

The festival centre CAOS Centre of arts opificio siri, a 6000 square meters former chemical factory, runs the role of incubator.

Es.terni’s mission is to look for a complete integration between local and international level, between communities, between people.

Where local meets global. Where Europe meets Europeans, where population from local communities see themselves as Europeans internationally linked.

From this idea of mobile settlement 2011 will see a set of artistic residencies for artists coming from different fields and different countries.

They will spend at least 2 weeks in Terni, working in the CAOS, living in the neighbourhood and their work will be related to physical communities living in Terni or to elective communities they chose to relate to.

The Objectives of the 6th edition are enforcing the idea of Terni as a laboratory for the international debate around contemporary arts and achieve the consciousness of culture as factor of social and economic development, activating a process of capability building within the local communities through the relationship with artists.


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