• Santarcangelo


July 8 – 17, Santarcangelo, Italy

Santarcangelo 41 Festival Internazionale del Teatro in Piazza

Santarcangelo Festival is one of the main international performing arts festivals in Italy. During more than 40 years, it contributed in a significant way to development of contemporary theatre and new audiences, and it is considered by the international community among the most innovative theatre festivals of the region. Every year in July Santarcangelo becomes a village-theatre, transforming its architectures into venues for performances, installations, workshops, lectures, debate, and welcoming several international and national artists and thousands of spectators, who mix themselves with the local citizens. Santarcangelo is a place for artistic creation and exchange, for new risky production, for young and emergent artists.

Since 2009 the festival is in a three-year project, under the direction of Chiara Guidi/Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, Enrico Casagrande/Motus, Ermanna Montanari/Teatro delle Albe, supported by a critical-organizational committee composed by Silvia Bottiroli, Rodolfo Sacchettini and Cristina Ventrucci.

Santarcangelo 41, directed by Ermanna Montanari/Teatro delle Albe, will focus on the paradox of the actor and on his irreducibility: sometimes skeleton and measure of the scene, sometimes crisis point, wrong note, at the margins of existence. What about this art today? Which is its adherence or its friction with reality? The actor is a concrete figure of the doing-undoing-redoing. He is nothing new, he doesn't satisfy the eagerness for newness but drags us into the depth of the psyche. Actor is a word-abyss, that questions us overbearingly, as the anarchical rigor of his voice. A "coming out", a revealing oneself of the being in its reserve, in its indecipherable sexuality.




Intersection program

Harun Farocki, IMMERSION, Scuola Elementare "Pascucci", July 8-17, 17:00-22:00

Hans Rosenström, MIKADO, Scuola Elementare "Pascucci", July 8-17, 17:00-22:00

Ulla von Brandenburg, SINGSPIEL, Scuola Elementare "Pascucci", July 8-17,17:00-22:00

Dace Džeriņa, TURNING DANCE TEACHER, Piazza Ganganelli, July 8-17

Monika Pormale, EXHIBIT No. 17, shop window in Piazza Ganganelli, July 8-17


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