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  • 25. 6. Sat 22:00 // JOSEF BOLF presents The Future

25. 6. Sat 22:00 // JOSEF BOLF presents The Future

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“The destruction in the project repository represents a metaphor for a possible future. The point is not just that, through this aggressive intervention, things that serve their purpose in the ´present´ – i.e., during the installation – lose all meaning, but also that they provide material for change: both for rewriting current theories as well as for other possible ways of understanding the past (film). I presume that it will be an intervention that is in no way adjusted or prepared. Immediacy and chance will be important aspects of the entire performance. Any course of action will be important for a different understanding of my work, if nothing else because it will be my first attempt at a live action.” - Josef Bolf

Live broadcasting of the destruction of his furniture installation in BOX 13 by Josef Bolf (as himself)

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