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  • 24. 6. Fri 22:00 // MART presents  ////a////form////in////space////

24. 6. Fri 22:00 // MART presents  ////a////form////in////space////

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Darragh O´Callaghan, Molly O´Dwyer, Ciaran Huseey, Colleen Keough, Eleanor Lawler, Nicky Larkin, Matthew Nevin, Katherine Nolan, Emanuel Rohss, Ciara Scanlan

Films in  ////a////form////in////space//// touch upon the intimacy and spectacle of the use of performance, and visuality, and space in experimental film. Each selected artist works extensively in recontextualizing space and the environment in which we inhabit. The artists question our notions of comfort and apathy in the world and push us to reevaluate our role in society. From the subjective and personal to the distant and objective each work challenges the viewer. 

MART is a non-profit arts organization with bases in Ireland and the UK. MART´s aim is to provide an educational art resource to the public, making new media, installation, and performance accessible, interesting, and enjoyable.

The primary focus for MART is its inclusive ethos, which aims to break down boundaries to the visual arts through its ability to inspire a curiosity for knowledge. MART brings contemporary art to the forefront of culture by actively engaging people from all sectors of society in both its viewing and production. To accomplish this, MART holds workshops and discussion groups, showcases artists work online and through exhibitions and events, which encompass: conventional contemporary galleries, temporary spaces within accessible city centre locations, and artist-led events.

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