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  • 23. 6. Thurs 22:00 // LIOR AVIZOOR presents Body Writes Mood

23. 6. Thurs 22:00 // LIOR AVIZOOR presents Body Writes Mood

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The marriage of dance and camera enables a choreographer to place the moving body in new locations – from a wild open landscape to an intimate room. It also allows positioning the spectator in different perspectives in relation to this body. Body Writes Mood brings together nine screen dance films where different environments are the raw material used for carving a place with movement. By occupying space with the body, the performers make distinctions, articulate the surroundings and project a state of mind. These various states of mind, moods, and sensations – conceived in the meeting of body and its exterior – are the protagonists of this screening.

Small dance 2007, USA; Direction: Olive Bieringa, Choreography: Steve Paxton
The 4th Circle of the Dragon 2011, Morocco; Direction, choreography, and music by: Diego Agulló Continuum 2009, France; Direction and Choreography: Manon Le Roy, Music: Yann Leguay Geistern 2009, Germany; Direction and choreography: Dennis Deter, Anja Müller, and Diego Agulló Hundred Eighty 2008, Belgium / Spain (extract); Direction and choreography: Albert Quesada Sublevados 2009, USA; Direction and choreography: Martin & Facundo Lombard, Music: Fernando Otero A Dance With Sacha Green Pathroom 2010, France; Direction and music: Elliot STOREY, Choreography: Elliot STOREY and Kathie Serniclay, Ring 3 2008, Australia; Direction: Suzon Fuks, Choreography: James Cunningham, Scotia Monkivitch, and Suzon Fuks , Text: Fernand Shirren HANNAH 2010, UK/Greece/Iceland; Direction: Sergio Cruz, Choreography: Sergio Cruz and Hannah Dempsey, Music: Roberto Crippa, Curator: Lior Avizoor, Curatorial assistant: Yaara Nirel
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