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  • 22. 6. Wed 22:00 // UNDER THE RADAR presents Reggie Watts and Tommy Smith: Transition

22. 6. Wed 22:00 // UNDER THE RADAR presents Reggie Watts and Tommy Smith: Transition

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Reality is boring. Drugs are harmful. How does a person escape? Reggie Watts knows how.

Reggie Watts invites you to take a trip with Transition, an explosion of stereophonic effects, live video interactions, geometric movement sequences, and onstage BMX acrobatics. Watts and his theatrical consorts employ visual and linguistic tricks to destabilize the mind, baiting the viewer into believing that a form of reality will stabilize, a belief that the piece constantly denies. A blast of pop culture deconstruction, Transition is a psychedelic experience that once understood, radicalizes the notion of how we perceive time.

Reggie Watts (performer, composer, musician, writer) and Tommy Smith (director, writer) create absurd experimental comedic theatricals for modern performance spaces.  Transition played at The Under The Radar Festival at The Public Theater, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art´s Time Based Art Festival and On The Boards (Seattle); it was also the winner of the MAP Fund Award and Creative Capital award. Their previous theater piece Disinformation was seen at the UTR Festival, PICA: TBA, The Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), The Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh), and ICA (Boston).  Radioplay premiered at Ars Nova (New York), and played at Seattle Rep (Bumbershoot), IRT Theater (New York) and Redhouse (Syracuse). Dutch A/V, a live environmental film performance and winner of the MAP Fund Award, was work-shopped at the IRT Theatre (New York). Reggie and Tommy also regularly host Occurrence, a cabaret of alternative performers, which has been seen at Ars Nova, Galapagos, The Tank, Leftbank (Portland), and various unconventional spaces. All shows are currently touring through the United States of America. When not collaborating together, Reggie and Tommy work on their ´A-Side´ careers, which can be seen at www.reggiewatts.com and http://smithsmith.wordpress.com, respectively. They live in Brooklyn and other places.

Now in its seventh year, Under the Radar is an explosively diverse festival of new theater from around the world and the U.S. that spotlight artists ranging from emerging talents to masters in the field. Based at The Public Theater in New York City, Under the Radar offers a crash course in theater that is exciting, independent, and experimental, created by some of the most dynamic artists working today.

Performed by Reggie Watts

Creation: Reggie Watts and Tommy Smith
Direction: Tommy Smith Featuring Beth Hoyt, Jess Klein & Noel Allain Lighting Design: Seth Reiser
Live Video Design: Joby Emmons
Dance and Choreography: Jess Klein

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