20. 6. Mon 22:00 // ESCRITA NA PASAIGEM presents Tiago Perreira: Portugalshake

16.5.2011 11:50   cinema


Visual artist, filmmaker, musician, collector, researcher, agitator, provocateur, and much more, Tiago Pereira is the enfant terrible of Portuguese contemporary arts. Disregarded by some, his work has the large support of a wide range of audience groups, such as young urban cultures, specialized groups dedicated to the study of popular culture, but also in many of the advocates of the popular and musical culture that still find their place in the rural Portugal. Old-ladies and young emergent musicians, new generation rock bands and singer-songwriters populate the path of Tiago Pereira, who records, films, edits, and promotes them with the same excitement and affection with which he cares for Portuguese music liking itself.

Portugalshake consists of a project in which visual and sound recordings collected in Portugal are reassembled, worked, edited, and mixed live, in a show about today´s Portuguese (musical) culture. If there is a mission that the work of Tiago Pereira has taken on successfully, it’s the mission of creating a future for the recordings of Portuguese immaterial culture, which this creator uses, slices, reassembles, and presents with frenzy and lust.