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  • 19. 6. Sun 22:00 // LE MOUVEMENT presents Carte Blanche a Mouvement

19. 6. Sun 22:00 // LE MOUVEMENT presents Carte Blanche a Mouvement

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Ulla von Brandenburg: Chorspiel

The film tells us the story of a meeting between a wanderer and a family: grandfather, grandmother, mother, and daughter. Each member of the family has his place (within one room), as well as his own habits (play, argue, rest, disentangle family knots...). The wanderer interrupts their family life, confronting them with the unknown and also to the possibility of a new life. In addition to the 5 characters that appear in the video, a performing choir comprised of 16 people and their voices is heard as the voice of conscien­ce of Greek tragedies, echoing the solo voices at certain crucial moments. Shot in the forest of Malmö, this video was made after the performance Chorspiel presented at Lilith Studio in Malmö, Sweden. The soundtrack recorded during the same performance is the result of text and melody written by Ulla von Brandenburg.

Michel François: La Ricarda

At the initiative of Michel François, a film project was undertaken in July 2006 at the Casa Gomis, situated on the Ricarda property in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona). This extraordinary house was built by architect Antoni Bonet in the 1950´s in the middle of a pine forest between the airport and the suburbs of Barcelona. Twelve artists were invited to produce video sequences of their choice with the only common thread being the unity of time and the place where they had gathered. The aim was to experiment with the possibility of a common production that would reach beyond the invited personalities, their styles or particular discipline specific to each one (visual artists, choreographers, video directors, stage designers), to explore a shape that would not be directly identifiable, to propose a film whose script would be written via the dynamic editing of all the gathered images.

La Ricarda is a film where the viewpoints of thirteen artists crisscross and overlap to compose a fiction without storyline, a labyrinth where distinctives are lost and make way for a fascinating composite form. A house inhabited by personalities who never meet, ghost-like, it breathes these different atmospheres, awakens and becomes the main character of this film which offers so many possible scenarios, uncertain narratives, and surprising audiovisuals.

Project concept: Michel François and Jean-Paul Jacquet with Michel François, Ann Veronica Janssens, Angel Vergara, Harald Thys and Jos de Gruyter, Richard Venlet, Loïc Vanderstichelen, Simon Siegmann, Pierre Droulers, Jordi Colomer, Joerg Bader, François Curlet, Rosa Barba, and Lucia Bru

Production: Michel François/ ASBL Multiplicité

Co-production : Cimaise et Portique, Centre départemental d’art contemporain Albl, Centre culturel de Malines, Établissement d’en face, Communauté française de Belgique Service arts plastiques, CGRI, Charleroi/Danses, Cabinet de la Ministre-Présidente de la Communauté française, VAF, Château Gonthier, Michel De Wouters Productions

Thierry De Mey: One Flat Thing

The director of a dance film is inevitably confronted with the task of ´translating´ from one medium to another. If it´s a case of filming a ´cult´ choreography that pre-dates the film, the additional challenge is the ´duty of recall´ since the film of the choreography carries with it, into some future time, the memory of its theatrical representation. One Flat Thing is rightly considered as one of William Forsythe´s major works in which the virtuosity of the performers rivals the ingenious complexity of the choreography (to the extent that this production has come to be known as ´William Forsythe´s Olympics´! The film itself adopts a subjective approach, not exhaustive, a perspective that gathers and predetermines the sequence of production choices – in our view the best guarantee to have a chance of success in the transmission of the choreographic challenges.

Choreography: William Forsythe
Director: Thierry De Mey
Interprets: The Forsythe Dance Company
Music: Thom Willems
Decorations & lights: William Forsythe
Costumes: Stephen Galloway
Production: Nada & MK2
Co-production : Charleroi/Danses


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