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  • 17. 6. Fri 22:00 // MiBAC presents Fanny and Alexander: Rebus per Ada

17. 6. Fri 22:00 // MiBAC presents Fanny and Alexander: Rebus per Ada

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Fanny & Alexander is an art workshop founded in Ravenna in 1992 by Luigi de Angelis and Chiara Lagani. Fanny & Alexander produces events ranging across theatre, video and film productions, installations, performances, photographic exhibitions, conferences and study workshops, festivals, and encounters. Since 2001, they have been managing the scenery workshop and production and rehearsal venue Ardis Hall, and since 2009, by means of an Agreement with Ravenna´s City Council, the cultural venue Artificerie Almagià.

The video Rebus per Ada, a motion-picture splinter of the project Ada, a family chronicle, inspired by Vladimir Nabokov´s novel of the same name, is a game of enigmas in the form of an obsessive dream that is found throughout the novel itself. The image of dream, after all, is made of solids and voids, like enigmas, rebuses. The artists who intends to place the audience at the center of this elaborate hallucination, which is characteristic of dreams, or at least to bring it to their minds in a really persuasive way, are at the very same time enigmatists and hypnotists: their task is to bring perception to a level of unconditional surrender.

At the awakening, dreams appear like a ciphered language, and their aspect of cryptogram is suggested by the tale itself, but only in the precise moment preceding the awakening. The power of the game has used up its hypnotic resources, and the other game comes into play: the endless delight of conjecture. It´s here that spectators become the authors of their very own dream, peculiarly crossing that novel, Ada, or ardor, a family chronicle. After finishing the novel, which really proceeds by enigmas, they realize that, from the very beginning, it was nothing but the story of their very own dream, and that the story had already mysteriously brought them at the extreme edge of the final conjecture; and finally, to be really lived as an enigma, it only needed that deprival, that peripheral and central hole, that precise missing side which spectators themselves were and are.

Ideation: Chiara Lagani and Luigi de Angelis
Direction: Luigi de Angelis
Dramaturgy: Chiara Lagani
Photography: Monaldo Moretti, David Zamagni
Filming and editing: David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi
Sound remix: Luigi de Angelis Puzzle
Consultant: Stefano Bartezzaghi
With: Paola Baldini, Marco Cavalcoli, Chiara Lagani, Sara Masotti, Francesca Mazza, Luigi de Angelis, and Nina Muffolini
Sound devices: Mirto Baliani
Piano: Matteo Ramon Arevalos
Flute: Filippo Mazzoli
Ondes Martenot: Bruno Perrault
Sound recordings by Gianluca Lo Presti at Lotostudio, Filetto and Luigi de Angelis at A.p.A.I. – Casa dell´Arte, Ravenna.

With thanks to p-bart.com, Electa - Antichità di Maria Carla Costa, Modisteria Anna Maria, Tiro a Segno Nazionale Ravenna, Farmacia Dradi, Oddone Baroncini, Venerina and Adelmo Masotti, Loretta Masotti, Paula Noah de Angelis, Agnese Arevalos, Filippo Zanzani, Anna Maria Bollettieri, Elisabetta Rivalta. The excerpts from the works by Vladimir Nabokov are used in accordance with The Vladimir Nabokov Estate.


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