16. 6. Thu 22:00 // BIT TEATERGARASJEN presents Kjetil Kausland: No Más

16.5.2011 12:00   cinema


Crossing the line has been the core of Kjetil Kausland´s project in the last years; crossing the line between private and public by bringing his personal interest for cage fighting into his artistic realm. In the initial photo project No holds barred (2004 – 07) fights are frozen for us to take a closer look at where one body ends and another begins. As spectators we can take a moment, and are also given that moment to try to identify with the forces, both physical and mental, at play. The fighters are ostensibly in a state of concentration beyond thinking, impossible to translate into words. Their gazes are vulnerable, naked, in a state of exhaustion, they are seemingly not the eyes of a man; they are almost animalistic.

Later Kausland decided to cross another border. He entered into a state of empathetic action as he himself entered the cage in the performance No más (2008) at BIT-Teatergarasjen theatre in Bergen, Norway. The result of having made himself the subject of his work was two videos. His insisting on investigating something to the point of exhaustion is one of the things that has been the most important in Kausland´s work.