Intersection Cinema was a place for open-air film screenings on the top of the “boxes”. The programme was curated by leading theatre curators and programmers of venues and festivals around the world. Films included works by visual and video artists, HD recordings of performances, video art, live cinema and more, all in the spirit of exploring intimacy and spectacle as well as the relationship between space and body. 

16. 6. Thu 22:00 // BIT TEATERGARASJEN presents Kjetil Kausland: No Más

Crossing the line has been the core of Kjetil Kausland´s project in the last years; crossing the line between private and public by bringing his personal interest for cage fighting into his artistic realm. In the initial photo project No holds barred (2004 – 07) fights are frozen for us to take a closer look at where one body ends and another begins. As spectators we can take a moment, and are also given that moment to try to identify with the forces, both physical and mental, at play. The fighters are ostensibly in a state of concentration beyond thinking, impossible to translate into words. Their gazes are vulnerable, naked, in a state of exhaustion, they are seemingly not the eyes of a man; they are almost animalistic.

17. 6. Fri 22:00 // MiBAC presents Fanny and Alexander: Rebus per Ada

Fanny & Alexander is an art workshop founded in Ravenna in 1992 by Luigi de Angelis and Chiara Lagani. Fanny & Alexander produces events ranging across theatre, video and film productions, installations, performances, photographic exhibitions, conferences and study workshops, festivals, and encounters. Since 2001, they have been managing the scenery workshop and production and rehearsal venue Ardis Hall, and since 2009, by means of an Agreement with Ravenna´s City Council, the cultural venue Artificerie Almagià.

18. 6. Sat 22:00 // Priit Raud presents Baltoscandal Festival and Kanuti Gildi SAAL

Baltoscandal Festival Rakvere, Estonia is a biannual performing arts festival held since 1990. Since 1994, it has taken place in the small town of Rakvere, 100 km to the east of Tallinn. From the beginning the festival’s main idea has been to combine intensive artistic programs and an active social life. There are at least 5 performances a day, which are followed by live music set during the ´white-nights´ of the Estonian summer. The next Baltoscandal is in the beginning of July 2012.

19. 6. Sun 22:00 // LE MOUVEMENT presents Carte Blanche a Mouvement

Ulla von Brandenburg: Chorspiel

The film tells us the story of a meeting between a wanderer and a family: grandfather, grandmother, mother, and daughter. Each member of the family has his place (within one room), as well as his own habits (play, argue, rest, disentangle family knots...). The wanderer interrupts their family life, confronting them with the unknown and also to the possibility of a new life. In addition to the 5 characters that appear in the video, a performing choir comprised of 16 people and their voices is heard as the voice of conscien­ce of Greek tragedies, echoing the solo voices at certain crucial moments. Shot in the forest of Malmö, this video was made after the performance Chorspiel presented at Lilith Studio in Malmö, Sweden. The soundtrack recorded during the same performance is the result of text and melody written by Ulla von Brandenburg.

20. 6. Mon 22:00 // ESCRITA NA PASAIGEM presents Tiago Perreira: Portugalshake

Visual artist, filmmaker, musician, collector, researcher, agitator, provocateur, and much more, Tiago Pereira is the enfant terrible of Portuguese contemporary arts. Disregarded by some, his work has the large support of a wide range of audience groups, such as young urban cultures, specialized groups dedicated to the study of popular culture, but also in many of the advocates of the popular and musical culture that still find their place in the rural Portugal. Old-ladies and young emergent musicians, new generation rock bands and singer-songwriters populate the path of Tiago Pereira, who records, films, edits, and promotes them with the same excitement and affection with which he cares for Portuguese music liking itself.

21. 6. Tue 22:00 // 4+4 Days in Motion presents: Contemporary Czech Video Art Evening

The evening programme will focus on the most outstanding young as well as established Czech visual artists. The selection of presented videos shows the diverse range of approaches and different subjects found on the Czech art scene: site-specific works, video performances, video installations, visual intervention and conceptual, political and social documentary video art. This presentation of Czech video art focuses on the most interesting artistic creations and presents the rich and diverse possibilities offered by the artistic use of this medium.  

22. 6. Wed 22:00 // UNDER THE RADAR presents Reggie Watts and Tommy Smith: Transition

Reality is boring. Drugs are harmful. How does a person escape? Reggie Watts knows how.

Reggie Watts invites you to take a trip with Transition, an explosion of stereophonic effects, live video interactions, geometric movement sequences, and onstage BMX acrobatics. Watts and his theatrical consorts employ visual and linguistic tricks to destabilize the mind, baiting the viewer into believing that a form of reality will stabilize, a belief that the piece constantly denies. A blast of pop culture deconstruction, Transition is a psychedelic experience that once understood, radicalizes the notion of how we perceive time.

23. 6. Thurs 22:00 // LIOR AVIZOOR presents Body Writes Mood

The marriage of dance and camera enables a choreographer to place the moving body in new locations – from a wild open landscape to an intimate room. It also allows positioning the spectator in different perspectives in relation to this body. Body Writes Mood brings together nine screen dance films where different environments are the raw material used for carving a place with movement. By occupying space with the body, the performers make distinctions, articulate the surroundings and project a state of mind. These various states of mind, moods, and sensations – conceived in the meeting of body and its exterior – are the protagonists of this screening.

24. 6. Fri 22:00 // MART presents  ////a////form////in////space////

Darragh O´Callaghan, Molly O´Dwyer, Ciaran Huseey, Colleen Keough, Eleanor Lawler, Nicky Larkin, Matthew Nevin, Katherine Nolan, Emanuel Rohss, Ciara Scanlan

Films in  ////a////form////in////space//// touch upon the intimacy and spectacle of the use of performance, and visuality, and space in experimental film. Each selected artist works extensively in recontextualizing space and the environment in which we inhabit. The artists question our notions of comfort and apathy in the world and push us to reevaluate our role in society. From the subjective and personal to the distant and objective each work challenges the viewer. 

25. 6. Sat 22:00 // JOSEF BOLF presents The Future

“The destruction in the project repository represents a metaphor for a possible future. The point is not just that, through this aggressive intervention, things that serve their purpose in the ´present´ – i.e., during the installation – lose all meaning, but also that they provide material for change: both for rewriting current theories as well as for other possible ways of understanding the past (film). I presume that it will be an intervention that is in no way adjusted or prepared. Immediacy and chance will be important aspects of the entire performance. Any course of action will be important for a different understanding of my work, if nothing else because it will be my first attempt at a live action.” - Josef Bolf

26. 6. Sun 22:00 // ON THE BOARDS TV presents Jan Fabre: Orgy of Tolerance

Troubleyn | Jan Fabre
Orgy of Tolerance

A wild spectacle about excess, greed, and the ecstasy of consumption from Belgian performance titan Jan Fabre and a stunning international cast of performers. Fabre employs actors, dancers, and musicians to paint a provocative panorama of a Visa/MasterCard society that indulges in every possible fetish. Despite being one of the most respected and audacious artists on the international performance scene, this performance was filmed during one of the few times Fabre´s work has been seen in the US during his long career. 

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