Space and Desire / Raum und Begehren
8.-10. Oktober 2009, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK), Ausstellungsstrasse 60, CH-8005 Zürich


In the 3 day symposium MONITORING SCENOGRAPHY 3: SPACE AND DESIRE, artistic and academic researchers in the visual arts, architecture, theatre studies and art history discussed the existence and textures of spatial languages, choreographies, mise-en-scenes and spatial representations of desire.
The scenographies of desire are both site-specific and global, artistic and commercial, real and virtual. Success stories in popular culture, advertisement and marketing rely heavily on a carefully designed analysis of desire and its translation into product-specific scenographies. In the staged and mediatised lives of the 21st century, the spaces of desire take on many forms. Inscribed onto them is the desire for uniqueness, inimitability and immersion - as both service and response to the spectacle.
MONITORING SCENOGRAPHY 3: SPACE AND DESIRE was the third in a series of annual symposia curated by the members of the Doctorate Program Scenography, a practice-based research unit between the Zurich University of the Arts and the University of Vienna. Its members are a diverse and international group of emerging and established artists and academics engaged in expanding the discourse on scenography toward the intersection of architecture, media, theatre and exhibition.

Convenors: Brejzek / Greisenegger / Marschall / Wallen

Speakers: Ashkin / Hourani / Crawley / Mann / Redler / Uchida / Doswald / Nicolai / Novak / Beer / Allenspach / Divjak / Donger / Fischer / Guy / Hardt / Weisbeck / Warwick / Trüby / Hannah / Kossak / Rieger-Ladich / Steiner / Hächler / Neudecker / Op de Beeck / Schmidt / Penny / Münch / Mendes / Evans / Sagiv / Lotker / Kaelin / Sandys / Powell / Hangl / Oehner / Foroutan / Mathis / Samini / Bürkle / Regn / Könz / Balich / Khan / Weishäupl
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