On Artists/Authors

Scenography Expanding 2: On Artists/Authors

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July 8 – 10, 2010
Military Museum and Belgrade fortress
Belgrade, Serbia 

You could follow here the live streaming of the symposium on July 8-10th!
In the second preparatory symposium before the June 2011 Prague Quadrennial for Perfomance Design and Space (PQ), artists and researchers  from the performing arts, visual arts and spatial design disciplines were invited to enter into a transdisciplinary dialogue on the role of the artist as the autor of scenographic space.

The symposium comprised an impressive range of international speakers and aimed to engage practitioners and researchers in discussing practice-as-research in relationship to the staging of spaces. Beyond a genrespecific discourse, On Artists / Authors investigated diverse practices of scenographic research, focusing on individual authorship, collaborative and site-specific projects, curatorial concepts and exhibition practice.

Speakers included: RoseLee Goldberg (USA, performance theorist) / Claudia Bosse (Austria, director) / Arnold Aronson (USA, theorist) / Rolf Abderhalden (Columbia, scenographer and director) / Oren Sagiv (Israel, architect and scenographer) / Hans Op de Beeck (Belgium, visual artist) / Ulla von Brandenburg (Germany, visual artist) / Miodrag Šuvaković (Serbia, theorist) / Terike Haapoja (Finland, visual artist)

Convened by:
Thea Brejzek, Prague Quadrennial Curator for Theory
Sodja Lotker, Prague Quadrennial Artistic Director

Program to download:

Program (dokument Adobe PDF)Program
Speakers' abstracts (dokument Adobe PDF)Speakers´s abstracts
Speakers' biographies (dokument Adobe PDF)Speakers´ biographies

Usefull information in Belgrade (dokument Adobe PDF)Usefull information in Belgrade



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