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Remember Intersection project in the book Expanding Scenography

Expanding Scenography
Thea Brejzek

This publication is based upon a series of symposia Scenography Expanding 1-3, conducted in Riga, Belgrade and Évora during 2010. These symposia were part of the Intersection project.

Scenography, discussed here as a transdisciplinary practice of the design of performance spaces, can no longer be assigned to a singular genre and a singular author. It is rather its fl uid articulation of staging spaces between the disciplines of theatre, exhibition, installation, media and architecture that renders scenography particularly suitable to formulate speculative spaces of potentiality. The original visual essays and theoretical positions in Expanding Scenography: On the Authoring of Space posit and survey recent scenographic practice as an expanded field of presence. They are fuelled by a commitment to performance as providing a unique and stubbornly critical voice from within our society.

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