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July 19 - 24, Munich, Germany

Crisis Trilogy Part 2: Ungrateful Bastards, by Krétakör, at the Munich Opera Festival

Following Árpád Schilling’s acclaimed La Cenerentola-direction, the management of the Bayerische Staatsoper decided to invite the whole Krétakör company to create their own opera production for the festival at the Pavillon 21 venue. Inspired by the opportunity, the artistic team decided to develop the second instalment in the trilogy, the story of the father, as a chamber opera. The pater familias is a 45-year-old developmental psychiatrist specialising in domestic violence and the sexual abuse of children. The opera singers and musicians will be complemented by five teenage co-creators whose rehearsals will be part of a special drama pedagogy programme – a creative sublimation of actual cases of child abuse.

Director: Márton Gulyás
Librettist: Gábor Schein
Composer: Marcell Dargay
Head of production: Ildikó Ságodi

About Bayerische Staatsoper:

Since 1875, the Bavarian State Opera has put on the Munich Opera Festival, the annual high point of Munich’s cultural summer. This makes it the oldest festival of its kind anywhere. During its five-week period, people from all over the world have the opportunity to enjoy a wide-ranging repertoire of operas – among them a couple of festival premières – and the latest productions and recitals. Since the summer 2010, the Bavarian State Opera has an additional performance venue, the temporary and mobile Pavillon 21 MINI Opera space, which provides every year a four-week program during the Munich Opera Festival.

This part of the Festival program allows explorations in the wide filed of contemporary musical theatre: new compositions find their place beside experimental approaches to opera’s repertoire or opera as cultural phenomena. Artists and visitors are invited to tread new paths of perception and interaction, to confront their understanding of opera with other art forms. Main aim is the encounter of different forms of expression in contemporary art and music within theatrical spaces as well as their interaction with present-day thinking in human sciences. That for beside theatrical productions – developed here in Munich, together with international partners or invited shows – the program comprehends lectures, exhibitions, video screenings, life stream video-interactions and club nights.

In summer 2011 the main part of the program refers to the motto of the season 2010/11: “unfree free” and deals with social, political and private aspects of dependency and liberation.

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