• Helsinki


October 6 - 16, Helsinki, Finland

/theatre.now festival

/theatre.now festival, organised by Kiasma Theatre, provides a new vision or perspective into performing arts every year. This year the highlight is not only on domestic and international performances but also on interactive events. The borders between visual and performance arts become more and more blurred. Festival partners include the Espoo City Theatre and Intersection: Intimacy and Spectacle (EU project).

Intersection program

Brett Bailey, EXHIBIT A, Kiasma Theatre, October 6 – 9

A part of the Intersection project Kiasma Theatre presented Brett Bailey's live installation EXHIBIT A is a multidisciplinary work between visual art, scenography and performance art. The performance installation brings the audience close to performance, literally with the form of the installation, and in a symbolic way with the chocking theme: human zoos and the genocide in South West Africa in the mid 19th century comparing this theme to today's immigrant policy in Europe.

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