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July, August, September 2011, Évora, Portugal

Escrita na Paisagem

Escrita na Paisagem (Writing in the Landscape) is a performance and land art Festival created in 2004  by Colecção B. It is set in Alentejo and runs each year through the months of July, August and September.Escrita na Paisagem aims to promote the circulation of contemporary objects (performance and visual arts, dance, circus, music, theatre, literature, film, new media, etc.) in order to promote new relations with a public — young and older, popular and cult — with not many opportunities (Alentejo is still one of the poorest regions in the European Union) to approach contemporary arts. Aiming to bring to Alentejo many layers of cultural diversity, we try to build a cross cultural field of interests and opportunities, in that way focusing on the cultural values of this region, providing contact with the traditions and stimulating the artistic creation from those inputs. Focusing on the regional landscape, the Festival aims to bring in diversified perspectives, promoting therefore the transnational circulation of works and an intercultural dialogue that can bring in and stimulate new insights on Alentejo’s landscape, its political, economical, social and cultural conditions. The cultural diversity resulting from this crossing strategies proves beneficial for this region, bringing peoples attention to its cultural profile and promoting a sense of belonging to a wider, national and international culture.




Intersection program


Ana Borralho & João Galante, World of Interiors, July 4 - 8

Bohdan Holomíček & Eva Hrubá, Projection by Request, July 10 - 18

More about the Festival Escrita na Paisagem - festival de performance e artes da terra,  www.escritanapaisagem.net

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