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After Prague: Traveling boxes

The interactive installation/performance in Prague, the labyrinth, is not the final product. As one of the main goals of the project is research - questioning and creation of new contexts – the individual projects from the boxes as well as the ‘spectacles’ were shown in major European festivals, galleries, and venues in Hungary, Serbia, Latvia, Norway, Great Britain, Italy, Estonia, Finland, and Portugal during 2011 and 2012.

These events included presentations of a smaller number of boxes (usually 3–4) that sometimes were hosted in original boxes and sometimes in containers as well as in site-specific environments. Some of the projects were presented in their original form and some of them in a variation (spatial, temporal or dramaturgical). Some of the events also included local artists working with Intersection ideas and spaces.

These events were accompanied by lectures and discussions to further explore the main issues connected to Intersection, thereby also creating discussions with local artists and art administrators.


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