• Belgrade


 27th January to 20th February 2012

Gallery of Cultural Centre of Belgrade

Harun Farocki, Ulla Von Brandenburg and Dejan Kaludjerovic in Belgrade


The exhibition Intersection: Between Intimacy and Spectacle presented the video works/installations by Harun Farocki “Serious Games III: Immersion”, Ulla Von Brandenburg “Singspiel” and Dejan Kaludjerovic “Are You Ready for a Ride?” All these works examine the space in different ways, the relationship between audience/spectator and visual/performance arts with the focus on the issue of intimacy in the society of spectacle.

Production: Kiosk - Platform for Contemporary Arts, Cultural Center of Belgrade, 80|10



September 13 – 23, 2011, Belgrade, Serbia; November 15 - December 10, Belgrade, Serbia
Displacements in the Cultural Center of Belgrade




Josef Nadj, UNTITLED, September 19, 2011, September 20, 16:00 and 20:00


More info about 45th Bitef, www.kioskngo.org


Belgrade International Teatre Festival 
In the moment of its inception, in 1967, Bitef played not only an artistic but an important social role as well. It used to represent a unique link between East and West in the polarized world of the Cold War. Bitef represented one of the rare meeting points (sometimes, indeed, the only one!) of the productions from Poland, Russia and America or from West Germany. The festival owed the privilege to the international position of the then SFRY, which followed the idea of not belonging to either political bloc. Due to its provocative political and social character, the first decade of the festival existence was marked by a distinct importance it had for the foreign artists and theatre programme-makers from around the world, gaining thus an enviable international reputation that it, despite the break-up of Yugoslavia and a post-Yugoslav confusion, still enjoys.
In the course of the past years, the main focus of the festival has been to bring some great international productions and some of the most renowned theatre authors and acquaint the local community with the major trends in the field of contemporary theatre. This year, apart from bringing established international authors, Bitef has yet another goal: to expand into a platform where contemporary theatre praxes from the region, obscured after the break-up of Yugoslavia and after the change of geopolitical coordinates, would be presented and made more visible and recognizable in the wider theatre context of Europe and the world. Therefore, Bitef will perform a double function as of this year – it will remain the main source of information for the local audience while promoting the theatre art of southern Europe in the wider geographical context. Consequently, this year’s festival selection will present as equals: Alain Platel, Jan Fabre, Heiner Goebbels, Gisèle Vienne, Frank Castorf, Andrei Şerban, Oliver Frljić, Ivica Buljan, Ivana Sajko, Boris Liješević, Jozef Nadj, Selma Spahić, Snježana Abramović...And Bitef will, once again, become a real meeting point, a place where audience will be confronted with the topics from “a hot tin roof”, a place where artists will meet each other and their audience and where Europe will, stepping out into its vestibule, meet those waiting there. Belgrade will turn into a theatre crossroads branching towards all four cardinal directions.


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